AUDIO: Lorde Fredd33 – “Summer Breeze”

Lorde Fredd33 is shifting his style considerably, which isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon for him, but the latest iteration of that is “Summer Breeze”, a romantic song that he put out today. Musically, the track has elements of trap and R&B at times, but naturally feels more experimental with Fredd33’s name attached to it. Almost a full minute goes by before we get any substantial vocals, and it feels like there’s more of an emphasis on setting a mood than creating a traditional song pattern this time around. In any case, the song does hit well once it kicks in, with layered vocals and a perpetual synthesizer laying the background for the New Age Narcissism artist to do his thing. There’s genuine intrigue to where Lorde Fredd33 is taking things these days, and you can hear that on “Summer Breeze” below:

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