Artist Spotlight: Randal Bravery

An intimate evening of trip hop, shoegaze, and art rock occurred at Cactus Club Thursday night, hosting performances from Randal Bravery, Operations, and Chicago-based band Big Syn. Despite it being a quieter Thursday night, the show found very warm reception.

Randal Bravery is a solo artist who experiments with trip hop and downtempo-type samples under his lushly amplified vocals. He has been performing in this project for about six years, beginning with mostly DJ work and live beat-making. He has been largely inactive with shows since 2017, although he already dropped two albums “Huett” and “I See You Holy.” in 2020.

“I hadn’t really made music in like nine months. I was getting heavy into indie dev and doing a lot of coding stuff, and from that I got a giant burst of inspiration. I was making three or four songs a day for like two months. I put a third tape out on YouTube too. “Huett” is named after my uncle, who passed away in November. I kept hitting plateaus where I thought what I was doing was dope, but then felt it kept getting doper, and then doper from there. I really had to section it off because it wasn’t fleshing together. Taking the time away from music to start learning a different craft made me look at it differently.”

He talks about what he is working on now.

“I’m teaching myself to be a better 3D modeler. I’ve been working on some ambient stuff, which I was gonna play tonight but I couldn’t find it on my sampler (laughs). I’m trying to get my music theory better too, because I’m mostly a beat-maker, and I’ve been playing a lot of piano. I’m taking time to get back to the basics. I want to drop some stuff but I really need to be with some homies; I work on a lot of stuff in the middle of the night. I think I need to bring all my gear to a homie’s crib and just kick it and feed off that camaraderie to craft something special.”

Randal Bravery performs with Ghost Machines and Artie Do Good at Kenosha Creative Space on March 21st.

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