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AUDIO: Randal Bravery – “Parade…”

Experimental hip hop/trip hop artist Randal Bravery released a new album this week. Spanning fourteen tracks, Bravery delivers a heaping helping of breakbeats, chopped samples, jazzy loops and dreamscapes. There’s a sense of floating, cosmic wonder amidst the abstract production techniques, fit for both relaxing and pensive moments. Enter the masterful mind of Randal Bravery with “Parade…”.

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AUDIO: Randal Bravery – “Weed-Head”

Trip hop artist Randal Bravery made a new tape recently after getting inspired from hanging out with friends he hadn’t seen in a while. Considering both the context and the title, “Weed-Head” is what you put on while sharing a blunt with the homies on the couch, allowing yourselves to soar through a psychoactive space. Bravery samples cardinal calls on

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Tarek Sabbar, Graham Hunt Band

Live music has slowly been making a return at Cactus Club, and a stacked multi-genre bill took the stage on Saturday evening. Hip hop artist Nile, electronic artist Tarek Sabbar, indie rockers Graham Hunt Band, and trip hop wizard Randal Bravery all performed with extravagance. “It’s weird doing shows again,” Sabbar said. “Very surreal and nerve-wracking and I’m still processing

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