AUDIO: Rexxx – “Pure Pleasure II”

There’s something to be said for creating a record with absolutely zero pretense to it. You don’t have to work to “get” anything about Rexxx’s latest, “Pure Pleasure II”, and that’s the beauty of an aptly titled album like this. From the moment opener “Can’t Help It” really kicks in, you know exactly what you’re getting; a straight-up power pop record that fits a timeless mold. There’s high energy, plenty of layered vocals, just a generally fun feel throughout the album from a sonic standpoint. Granted, there’s lyrics about getting run over by cars and being a lost cause, creating a duality depending on how critically you listen to music, but at face value, this sounds like a party. “Pure Pleasure II” is a record that requires little to no effort on the listener’s behalf to get through it, and that’s truly one of the qualities of only the best albums. Check it out here:

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