VIDEO: Fuzzysurf – “Killing Time”

You have to appreciate a band that really puts in a strong effort to create something unique with their videos, and Fuzzysurf is definitely that band. Their 2019 “Fuzzy And The Surfs” album came complete with puppet versions of the band, who made an appearance in their breakout video for “Denny”. We see the next adventure featuring the puppets in their new video for “Killing Time” from the album, another collaboration with director Joe Ludwig and Tommy Simms. Part children’s show, part slasher flick, the band knows how to thoroughly entertain with the video. The song is remarkably catchy, as is the rest of the album, but videos like these give the tracks some extended length as the band works on new material. Don’t miss what the band and their (mostly) innocent puppet counterparts are up to, and check out the video below:

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