Audio: Prince & Goddess Returns Stronger Than Ever With New EP Kindness And Cruelty (Premiere)

Colorado based artist and producer Prince & Goddess premieres his latest EP, a collection of 11 beautifully crafted songs entitled Kindness And Cruelty, today on Breaking And Entering.

He made a solid reputation for himself by releasing “Split Personality” and “Friends” last year, both songs amassing countless plays on most major digital platforms. 

There is an extraordinary story behind his name, as Prince & Goddess refers to Jack Saite, a royal descendant from Sais, an ancient city in Egypt during the last Egyptian Pharaoh and the Persian conquest in 525 BC. He fights to win the heart of the Goddess, but the laws forbid a Goddess to fall in love with any mortal, even with a Prince. 

The beautifully curated soundscapes and production throughout the tracklist come together in pure harmony on Kindness And Cruelty, once again proving the immense artistry and talent of this young artist. Blending electro-pop with house in his own signature way, Prince & Goddess is slowly but surely building a solid momentum in the music scene, and Kindness And Cruelty will undoubtedly reinforce his status as one of the promising artists of the year. 

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