AUDIO: Snag – “Snag”

Post-punk indie rockers Snag are back with a new album full of environmentally conscious new material, and it is a burst of pure energy. The self titled release, not to be confused with their 2017 self-titled project, features nine tracks of very cathartic-feeling rock, full of lo-fi screams and guitar parts that are bursting at the seams. There’s only a couple of slower points, the harmonic “Morning”, and “i n t o t h e f o r e s t”, which feels like an interlude. There’s just something that feels inherently different about what Snag is putting together as a whole, however, and that’s what makes the album so good. The project was released earlier this month digitally and on vinyl in the US, Canada and Europe. Limited edition cassettes are also on the way this December. Check out “Snag” in full below:

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