AUDIO: The Nile Club – “Motions”

The next generation of Milwaukee bands are beginning to emerge from the basements and garages of the city, and we’re getting some great projects in the process. One of those acts is The Nile Club, who recently put out their first full-length, and second project overall, “Motions”. Blurring the lines of lo-fi pop, indie rock, shoegaze, and a myriad of other sub-genres, the band creates something that feels genuinely homegrown on this record. From the scratchy pickups on songs like “I Can Hear You” to distorted vocals on recent single “Shroom Daddy”, the little things that make up this album are the true highlights. There’s an incredible amount of upside to the songwriting of The Nile Club, and likely bigger things on the horizon for them as well. Check out “Motions” here below:

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