May Devun Sounds Off on New Single “Say the Words”

By Deuce

“Say The Words”, singer songwriter May Devun‘s latest release scheduled for November 8, is brief, intense, and dramatic. It operates in burst and flurries—both musically and vocally—, comes in soft, raises itself to a well-timed, feverish pitch (or two), then skates out just as quietly as it could, sauntering off into the sunset.

Notably, the singer songwriter left very little to chance on this outing. She’s credited with programming the drums, which are modern and frenetic even, in places, yet imbued with a gaping pause that creates something of an off-kilter effect. She’s also responsible for the tremendous bass that alternates between deafeningly roaring and humming in time to the percussion.

The pianos? Played by Devun as well. If possible, the ivories simultaneously evoke brooding chords and a delicious melody that guides the rest of the track. With the guitar licks to her credit as well, it’s readily apparent the songstress is no mere songbird, but also a bona fide musician of the highest caliber.

The aural inspiration of “Say the Words” is rounded out by the busywork of Matt Chamberlain on drums and composer Patrick Warren on strings. Chamberlain’s live cue sticks are particularly effectual for building up the climactic moments of the tune when Devun’s singing becomes lost in outcries—sonic outbursts—of emotion pure. Other than the piano, Warren’s strings are the most eminent instrument, peaking with the vocals at times before softly reassuring them back to earth.

In aggregate, each of these elements is enough to drown listeners in sheer loudness. When the strings crescendo, the drums get to crashing, and Devun unleashes those huge chops of hers, it’s hard not to imagine some of the high points of Cee-Lo Green’s solo hits, in which the sweat and sounds poured forth from him equally as unfettered. In fact, the number can get a little overwhelming at points, which only adds to its intensity and the appreciation of the quiet heralding its intro—and spawned within its wake.

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