REVIEW: Matt Maeson at Turner Hall Ballroom

Photo by Will Hughes

A lone drummer greeted the audience at Turner Hall on Thursday evening. Sound — and excitement — built as the rest of the band joined him on stage.

Maeson’s set, much like his discography, was full of emotion and vulnerability. The songs were relatable, there were few songs the audience didn’t sing along to. Though, none pleased the crowd like “Cringe”.

Raised in Norfolk, Virginia, his parents were juvenile delinquents who later became “musicianaries” eventually playing in Christian metal bands. Ironically enough, he was banned from listening to secular rock music on the radio as a child.

Photo by Will Hughes

Maeson later spent time in jail, an experience he calls on frequently in his music.

Throughout their set, Maeson jumped from song to song, without leaving much time for comments, though he commanded the audience’s attention the entire time.

Even when concluding his set, the audience stayed captivating through the end of his encore.

When a band can have the crowd singing along, just as much, if not more, to their original songs as when they play a Killers cover, you know it’s the real deal.

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