AUDIO: BLOOD – “Nothing”

With downtime in between touring with GGOOLLDD, keyboardist Nick Schubert has had some time to create something new and a little bit darker, resulting in the formation of goth side project BLOOD. The band features Schubert and Casey Soyk channeling a mix of early 80’s goth and new wave to create tracks like their debut single, “Nothing”. The track has the feeling of wandering into the abyss, with a slowed down dance beat and echo-drenched vocals that feel like a throwback to acts like Bauhaus and The Cure. Cutting guitars with plenty of flange really drive home the retro feel as well, and you get the feeling that Schubert and Soyk can pull off the new project for more than just the initial release. We’re looking forward to hearing more from BLOOD, but you can get your first listens to the band with “Nothing” below:

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