AUDIO: Mic Kellogg Featuring Garrett Merk – “Ambition”

Milwaukee hip hop / pop hybrid Mic Kellogg is back in a major way with a new single, “Ambition” featuring Garrett Merk. The track is part ballad, part humblebrag, but could easily serenade a big crowd if given the chance. Based around an acoustic guitar line, the song is mellow, but features Kellogg’s ability to bend melodies with his vocal tones that feel reminiscent of artists like Kid Cudi and Chance The Rapper. Merk’s contribution is more straight-forward hip hop, but the combination of the two styles work well together. We’re always looking to see what Mic Kellogg is up to, and there’s probably more on the way, hopefully before the end of the year. Check out “Ambition” below:

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