AUDIO: Stupid Neel – “Bad Things To Have Happen”

Everything about Stupid Neel as an artist has always been consciously avoiding the mainstream. From naming his collective website to unconventional rhyme schemes, there’s a brand for being left of center, and Neel and crew are miles farther left of center than most. The latest from Stupid Neel is “Bad Things To Have Happen”, a 20-minute, one track mixtape that forces you to listen to the tracks in order. From the MIMS sampling “U Aint Cuz U Not” to the vaporwave-inspired beat on “Die At This Party”, there’s a lot of unconventional happenings on this tape. Somehow it all comes together though, creating something so out there that you actually want to go back and listen to it again. If you haven’t kept tabs on Stupid Neel over the years, get brought up to speed with “Bad Things To Have Happen” below:

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