Artist Spotlight: NO/NO

Synthpop new-wave outfit NO/NO played alongside nostalgic space-pop duo Immortal Girlfriend at Chill on the Hill Tuesday night. It was the first of three final shows NO/NO is doing before indefinitely breaking up so members may focus on personal endeavors.

NO/NO consists of vocalist/keyboardist Cat Ries, guitarist/vocalist Harrison Colby, bassist Ryan Reeve, and drummer Jeremy Ault.

“I haven’t played a show that had so many kids,” Ries said. “For whatever reason, our fan base is mostly young kids and people in their 40’s, and tonight that really showed. There’s so many kids running around right up front getting silly and dancing. It was amazing…I loved it. Being pregnant, it made it extra special – my maternal instincts all kicked in.”

As she stated, Ries is pregnant – she did a video of the crowd cheering for her baby, which she hopes to share with them one day.

The band’s new album “Diagnostic” will be out on the 30th on Gloss Records – the follow-up to their last EP “Twentysomethings” of 2017. They dropped a lead single “Detoxification,” which debuted on Milwaukee Record. Their last show had been in January at Company Brewing, so Ries explains what NO/NO has been up to and what their new album looks like.

“We’ve mostly been working on the album. When we got these shows lined up, we were like “okay, we need to practice.” It’s funny because this happens a lot when we finally put an album out – the songs were written awhile ago so the themes aren’t necessarily relevant anymore, but it is like a time capsule for a point in our lives. A lot of the songs are about lifestyle change. It’s something everyone in the band has experienced and it’s something we notice in our friends and in the scene in general…like partying way too much and living an unhealthy lifestyle and finally being like “I can’t do that anymore.” It’s about no longer wanting things to be unhealthy and negative and stressful. It’s a lot more guitar-heavy but still synth involved. There’s still poppy songs but it’s not as produced as our last full-length album.”

Ries explains the band’s impending hiatus-dissipation.

“It’s mostly because Jeremy’s a family man; he has two little kids…I’m pregnant, and once the baby comes I won’t have time to do anything else. We all have other projects we’re working on and we’ve been a band for like six years and have done a lot together…we felt we’d rather go out on a really good note. If someone offered to pay us a good chunk of money to play a show then we’d totally do it, so it’s not like we’ll never play shows ever again – we’re just slowing way, way down.”

NO/NO’s other upcoming two shows are at Fat Fest on the 17th and their record release show at Mad Planet on September 21st.

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