AUDIO: CJ Folds – “The Summer Pack”

While many artists concern themselves with creating a “song of the summer” type single, Milwaukee’s CJ Folds aimed to make a whole project of those tracks with his new EP, “The Summer Pack”. With six tracks in total, the project is designed for listeners to enjoy at the cookout, on the beach, or in the car with the windows down. The four main tracks between the intro and outro all have features, including J. Dot, Kevin Hues, Eli $tones and Bobby Kennedy. The mood is pretty laid back, as you’d expect from the summertime, blending hip hop and R&B effortlessly on each track. For a younger artist on his second project released within a calendar year, Folds knows to bring his A-game on this project. At that workrate, we’ll likely get more from him in the relatively near future, and you can check out “The Summer Pack” below:

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