AUDIO: Penkife – “Blanco Niño”

After undergoing some small changes, the band formerly known as Blanco Niño has rebranded itself as Penknife, with their debut EP carrying the former moniker. The EP, however, is a stellar lesson in post punk, with six blistering tracks that keep you moving for the most part throughout. The Milwaukee trio feature some heavy guitars, punching drums, and serene vocals over the top from guitarist Robert Knapp and bassist Christopher Buss. From uptempo opener “Cure For A Hangover” to the more mellow “Lethe Swimmers Milwaukee”, the band has a range, but sounds incredibly dialed in for an early project. You can catch Penknife this Thursday at Cactus Club with 2 Ball Screwball and Tacoma Washington Weekday Club, but for now, stream “Blanco Niño” below:

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