RECAP: Big Beat MKE 2019 Semifinals

When the field was set for this year’s Big Beat MKE beat battle, nobody was expecting to have nights like the Semifinals on Thursday night. While the last night of the quarterfinals was a tough act to follow, the semifinal battles that consisted of Fearjoy vs. James Ashen and Da Monsta (40 Mil) vs. Spice God were incredibly close. Add in some lively performances from Mudy and J-Lamo that got the crowd rocking even further, and you have the formula for a night to remember.


In the opening contest, heavy hitters James Ashen and Fearjoy took the stage to set the tone for the evening, and they didn’t disappoint by any means. Both producers have a style that mixes hip hop and EDM elements, and that came into play in a tough battle that had the crowd calling for overtime. There could only be one winner, and while the judges were almost split evenly, Fearjoy ultimately won out to advance to the finals. James Ashen will also compete in the Third Place battle next week.


A pair of favorites on paper closed out the night, with a second battle that was definitely main event worthy. Spice God and Da Monsta (40 Mil) went toe-to-toe, in a battle that felt like it could have been a changing of the guard from one Miltown Beatdown veteran to a rising contender of the new school. 40 Mil came battle ready, with a flip of Travis Scott’s “Stop Trying To Be God”, and Spice God responded with an other-worldly type dance beat that got the crowd moving. Before even asking the crowd, who were already loud as is, the decision was made on stage to go to a fourth round. Host Twan Mack wanted even more after that, but the rules limit the competition to four rounds. Again, a tough decision was in the hands of the judges, but ultimately 40 Mil walked away with the W. Spice God will return to battle James Ashen next week in the third place battle.

Your 2019 Big Beat MKE Final is set for next week at the Jackalope Lounj! Will it be Da Monsta (40 Mil) or Fearjoy walking away with the title? Don’t miss that battle, Spice God vs. James Ashen, and performances from Shle Berry, Twan Mack, and A.C. The Ruler next Thursday night at Jackalope Lounj! Your updated bracket is below:

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