AUDIO: Yogie B & Keez – “Public Appearance”

Since their “Please Send Liquor” project started to buzz, party rappers Yogie B & Keez have had a fire lit under them, and that shows on their third EP, “Public Appearance”. Despite their appearance as a lovable pair of delinquent stoners, the duo put in work to craft catchy hooks and fill verses with memorable bars. We get some features on this project, including Shle Berry on lead single “No Way”, Vincent Van Great on weed anthem “Roll One”, and subsequently Jackie Brown on dance track “Pour Em’ Strong”, as well as Mvgic on “Ain’t Ready”. Yogie B and Keez have found their lane, and their hitting the accelerator through it. Check out Yogie B & Keez live at the Pabst Brewery this Friday night, and listen to “Public Appearance” below:

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