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AUDIO: Shle Berry – “Cranberry Vodka”

Shle Berry leans into sultry R&B for her latest single. With hazy bounce and fluttering keys, Berry is feeling the romantic tension with someone here, likening the increasingly apparent connection between them to sips of the titular ruby cocktail. She’s seeking someone to hold her down in spite of the mistakes she’s made in the past, and what she’s got

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AUDIO: Jillian’s Revenge – “Shit Could Be Worse”

Jillian’s Revenge is the collaborative effort between hip hop greats Shle Berry and Yogie B & Keez. Their debut EP dropped on 4/20 and it’s five songs. The rappers let out feelings about people who disrespect, use, and be dishonest with you. The fourth track “Everyday is 420, So Here’s A Regular Song” finds them reflecting on the past and

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AUDIO: Shle Berry – “Solo”

Shle Berry kicked off the New Year with another single to continue her recent streak. She’s rapping about being in her own lane, hesitant to trust others from past experiences, recognizing that many people are only looking to use you for their own personal gain. She confronts the fakeness and superficial bullshit here while ultimately coming out on top knowing

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