AUDIO: Cashfire Sunset – “Western Movie Halo”

Indie rockers Cashfire Sunset are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, “Get The Starts”, and recently released the first single from the record, “Western Movie Halo”. The track is the opener of the album, and is showing nothing but promising signs for what we’ll get from the band this time around on the full-length. With plenty of fuzzy, lo-fi guitar and layered harmonies, “Western Movie Halo” is a textbook summer indie single, executed incredibly well from the band. Clever lyrics like “guitar in my hand / No, too many people have a band these days / do what you can before ‘you know'” only help matters. We can’t wait for the release of “Get The Starts” on June 1st, but you can get a preview of the new album with “Western Movie Halo” below:

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