Big Beat MKE 2019: Opening Round Night Two Recap

Phat Nerdz

Night one was already a strong indicator of how Big Beat MKE 2019 would go, but the battles in night two of the opening round reaffirmed that this year’s tournament field is incredibly strong. In addition to some skilled performances from Nile and Phat Nerdz, night two featured Trademark vs. Four Giants, and James Ashen vs. GLDN Child. The atmosphere was electric, and the Jackalope Lounj was ready for battles.

The opening contest pitted the hip hop style of Trademark vs. a more electro-leaning Four Giants. The crowd was feeling both producers styles, which were exceptionally clean, and before the third round was over, there were calls from the balcony for the first overtime of the 2019 tournament. It went the distance, but in the end, Four Giants prevailed, getting the crowd moving with an upbeat final beat.


The second battle of the night was another tough call, as James Ashen went head to head with 2018 Big Beat MKE quarterfinalist GLDN Child. Again, the beats were hitting hard, with the crowd getting into the affair, and when all was said and done, host Twan Mack wanted to make an OG call for overtime, and was supported by the crowd. James Ashen saved his hardest beat for last, and ultimately walked away with the victory, though the decision was close.

The tournament is heating up, and we’re only halfway through the opening round! We’ll see you back at Jackalope Lounj next Thursday night, as Cream City Beat Battle champion Godxilla does battle with Cuban Lynx, and former Miltown Beatdown champion 40 Mil goes up against Tuan G. In addition to that, the Hiii Tribe is taking over, with performances from King Myles and Sha. Don’t miss it! Your updated bracket is below:

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