AUDIO: Lil Saucy – “Slime Love”

While many hip hop artists in Milwaukee embrace grittier, underground themes in their music, few can also cross over with a more mainstream leaning approach like Lil Saucy. That’s evident on his latest album, “Slime Love”, a 15-track affair that features plenty of trap beats with a unique swagger about them. With features from OuttaHereDrae, MT Twins, TrapJunkieJet, Petti Hendo, Spaidez, and ROOM8, there’s an attempt to appeal to the city’s underground scene. However, Saucy’s delivery contrasts that, with vocal filters aiding his hooks, and melody to his flow to make the tracks that much more memorable. While we haven’t heard a ton from Lil Saucy just yet, “Slime Love” is far and away his strongest effort yet. Check out the project below:

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