AUDIO: Slander Cannon – “Whiskey Is My Shepherd”

Local Americana/punk band Slander Cannon has been around for the better part of a decade on and off, playing out and recording under the radar for most of it. The band just recently put their music out via Bandcamp, including their latest pair of tracks, “Break & Enter Part 1” (an obvious favorite of ours), and “Whiskey Is My Shepherd”. Blending elements of indie rock, country, folk and more into their sound, the band is as pure as could be, and you can hear that on this pair of songs. Frontman Joseph Cannon puts his all into his vocals, and the band has the chops to hang with just about any Americana band out there. We don’t know if we’ll get more from Slander Cannon anytime soon, so check out “Whiskey Is My Shepherd” below:

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