ComedySportz Hosts Milwaukee Music Favorites

Karah Minelli interviewing Shle Berry.

The popular comedy club did something new Thursday night. Late Night Milwaukee hosted a few of the 414’s most esteemed musical figures, namely Shle Berry, Lex Allen, and Amanda Huff. A two-song performance from each followed their respective interviews.

Late Night Milwaukee is an improv, sketch-based talk show hosted by duo Karah Minelli and Michael Kittelson. The two perform humorous original songs together and bring on prominent Milwaukee personalities to showcase happenings around town. They debuted this past November.

Bay View vintage shop Plume had a pop-up shop before and after the show; Minelli showed off one of their dresses.

“I don’t think I ever would have thought to have someone style our show,” Kittelson said. “That’s just such a cool idea to have a local boutique.”

“I like to hear people talk about what they love to do,” Minelli said about interviewing guests. “I may not be having people come on talking about bagging groceries at the store, but if someone is passionate about that and that was really what their life is about, then I would love to hear their story!”

Shle Berry announced a new EP coming out in May, “Tampons.” It touches on confidence as a woman in a male-dominated creative scene.

“It deals a lot with hyper-masculinity,” Berry said. “In a lot of ways it’s not men’s fault. They’re taught these things; media doesn’t help. I was very lucky to meet a lot of men who are part of my team that aren’t that. There’s a lot of room for opportunity not only in normal society but especially the music industry of where women stand. Men say they respect women in interviews and preach about equal rights but their music doesn’t portray it…but I get it. Rap has taught us to say those things, that women are objects to obtain…but insert Shle Berry, this bi-racial gay woman. At first I was timid and didn’t want to offend anyone, but now that I’ve gained some confidence and people tell me my music motivates them, I said “fuck it.” I’m gonna say everything that’s on my mind, even if it makes people uncomfortable. And that’s why I named it Tampons.”

Shle Berry is performing at FemFest this year, which is happening May 26th-June 2nd.

Lex Allen, who was one of four artists selected for Backline in 2018, just came back from SXSW in Austin, TX.

“My takeaway from it was to keep pushing,” Allen said. “Everybody’s still fighting and working towards their bigger goals. It was inspiring seeing everyone hustling.”

Lex Allen is dropping a new EP on Earth Day (April 27th) called “Identity,” accompanied with a performance at his favorite Milwaukee venue, The Cooperage. He performs at First Avenue during Twin Cities Pride, which takes place June 22-23rd.

Amanda Huff turned heads with her 2018 album “Hemipetra,” which brings an eccentric electronic avant-pop sound coupled with Huff’s powerful, haunting voice. She is the recipient of three 2018 Radio Milwaukee awards – Solo Artist of the Year, Music Video of the Year, and Best Album Artwork.

“I felt less nervous,” Huff said about being a guest on Late Night Milwaukee. “Usually I just hang out in the bathroom till I have to go up but I went up and answered more confidently. (Karah) doesn’t try to be intimidating – I still clam up with that, but she’s so kind.

Amanda Huff opens for Oh Pep! at the Back Room at Colectivo tonight.

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