AUDIO: Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure – “Dance Music Saves Lives”

If you’re looking for a party in an album, the latest from Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies of Leisure is just what you need. “Dance Music Saves Lives” is bubblegum pop meets a variety of club music, with Sulfate leading the charge. Opening track “I’m Always Like This” sets the tone perfectly, complete with a chant section that distinctly feels like something pulled out of Prince’s catalog. With a bevvy of retro-sounding synths, funky guitar lines, and catchy melodies, Sulfate and her Ladies of Leisure do their best to take a retro, disco-friendly sound and emulate it without sounding dated. That being said, there’s also hip hop influenced tracks like “I Go Deep”, that feature Sulfate with a consistently bold performance while still sounding very danceable. Whether this is a guilty pleasure album for you or something that you’re putting on at your next party, this is definitely one to jam out to a few times over. Check out “Dance Music Saves Lives” below:

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