AUDIO: Cream Vellum – “Venus Rx Rx”

Cream Vellum may be young, but the band is already looking to make a major name for themselves surrounding their debut EP, “Venus Rx Rx”. Part psyche, part pop, part shoegaze, the band finds their sound on this project, with six tracks that explore different styles on their own, but manage to come together to form a cohesive collection. Guided by warm synths and gentle bass lines, the band feels atmospheric at times on this EP, summoning up dreamy tones on tracks like “Sports Curse” and lead single “Nativity”. Cream Vellum are finding their feet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t potential in this project. The band is also currently on tour, which should help them mesh together further, leading for bigger things in the future from the quartet. Check out “Venus Rx Rx” below:

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