AUDIO: Gerald Walker – “The Little Foxes, That Spoil The Vines”

Just two months after his last release, Gerald Walker is back with another new project, “The Little Foxes, That Spoil The Vines”. Anchored around single “Feel So Real, So Surreal”, which came out earlier this week, Walker delivers a pair of strong tracks on this EP. B-side “I Don’t Mind If You Don’t” leans on a high-pitched vocal sample, with Gerald complimenting the track well in a lower tone. With his trademark slick delivery, Gerald manages to mix hip hop and R&B effortlessly, aided by some laid-back production that creates the perfect canvas for his vocals. Considering that there was only a couple months in between his last release and this one, it’s pretty safe to say that this won’t be the last we hear from Gerald Walker for a while. Check out “The Little Foxes, That Spoil The Vines” below:

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