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AUDIO: Gerald Walker – “Unusual”

Hip hop artist Gerald Walker dropped a new single recently where he walks us through the life of an artist making it work. Traveling across the map, getting recognized on the street, and not cracking under pressure are just a few things about Walker that make him a little different than the average person. You have to be built for

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AUDIO: Gerald Walker – “Laundry”

Hip hop artist Gerald Walker’s new single enlists fellow rapper Monroe Flow. Walker raps about crossing things off his list and remaining in his own lane; Monroe joins him with bars about always knowing he’d be successful, despite the circumstances he’d come from. The song is about having a peaceful mindset as long as you’re chasing after your goals. Gerald

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AUDIO: Gerald Walker & The 7000 – “Contemplations”

Hip hop artist Gerald Walker has a new single out. He shares the thoughts that he focuses on as he meditates; he took a different path than others and now he can make money when he needs to. His mind works in a unique way and it’s attracted unique opportunities. The production is ethereal and atmospheric to captivate Walker floating

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AUDIO: Gerald Walker – “You Can’t Eat ‘Almost’..”

Gerald Walker and the 7000 have a new EP out today. Featuring his recent single “Onnalow,” Walker touches on the pursuit of happiness with this release, as well as the importance of being all-in with the gifts you’ve got. That’s where the title comes from; you’re either in it to win it or not in at all, and you’ll often

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