AUDIO: Twin Brother – “A.I.”

Twin Brother, the work of singer/songwriter Sean Raasch, has been undergoing a transformation since his last release, 2017’s “Rightfully So”. Raasch’s latest, “A.I.” is a concept album in some ways, but more a reflection of the modern world we live in. This record is topical, and where it lacks subtlety on many subjects, sometimes the most impactful way to get a message out is being direct. Songs like “Look In Her Eyes” can comment on the strength of women, and “Echo” takes a look at making yourself heard, and it all fits well within the context of the album. “A.I.” could have been a dark, dystopian-like look at the world, but instead, it touches on a variety of subjects, and talks about a duality between what can benefit us and what can also destroy us. It’s a little deeper than most records, and musically, it’s a stellar piece of work in its own right. If this is where Twin Brother is headed, it’s certainly into new territory, but Raasch is proving more than capable of taking his material there. Check out “A.I.” below:

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