AUDIO: Cashfire Sunset – “Sitar On The Radio / Yasyro”

Less than a month after putting out a pair of new tracks, indie rockers Cashfire Sunset are already back with another double release, with “Sitar On The Radio” and “Yasyro”. These two tracks compliment one another well, with fuzzy, lo-fi tones that almost blend into one another. “Sitar” is the brighter of the two songs, with “Yasyro” being more of a straightforward rocker of a track. Both are exceptionally catchy though, with a shoegaze sound that can keep your head nodding along in perfect time. With four singles in a short span, though, it appears that Cashfire Sunset is building to something bigger with their output as of late. Keep on the lookout for the band in the near future, and check out “Sitar On The Radio” and “Yasyro” below:

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