Scotty Seed’s Latest Single Doesn’t Disappoint

By Deuce

There’s little to prepare you for Scotty Seed’s latest effort, the appropriately titled “Single.” Although it’s only three cuts long, the single showcases distinctly unique styles from Seed—oftentimes within the same song. Produced by Seed himself, Chordashian’s Michael Banks and Alex Zelenka (who’s also credited with the mixing), the single hints at the breadth of Seed’s range while illustrating an unorthodox form of showmanship that works surprisingly well in moments.

“Faust (I Can’t Escape)” would surely pound in the clubs with its heavy emphasis on bass and kicks that would do house sound systems justice. The track is predominantly instrumental, with eerie synths and sounds that would almost be out of place on any other type of song. The sparse smattering of vocals on the hook is uncharacteristically distorted, making it seem as though the singer is shouting when he really isn’t. The refrain, couched within the otherworldly feel of the dark, throbbing bass, is perfectly understandable as Seed proclaims “I can’t escape”.

The pop inclinations of “Trephination” are overt yet not stifling, giving Seed all the makings of a hit record. The tempo’s moving on this one as the singer showcases his chops as a bonafide vocalist with an easy melody that seemingly guides the track, although it just as easily could’ve been put together the other way around. The lyrics aren’t bad; although it’s difficult to decipher just what it is he’s singing, it still sounds good, all the same. At times the high notes threatens to outshine the production, but Seed’s vocals carry this one through to the finish.

“Pig” transcends rock and roll to emerge somewhere in the depths of a deep, heavy metal funk as evinced by the almost confrontational electric guitars immediately assaulting listeners. Reminiscent of certain elements of the classic 1980’s punk scene, the track has a trippy hook in which Seed nearly succeeds in throwing off what the rest of the song was seemingly building towards. Still, the most memorable moments of the track are the indelible electric guitar performances that would make a Slash or true Metallica fan proud.

The song proves Seed isn’t afraid to overstep boundaries, regardless of which direction he and his body of work is heading in. Fans will just have to wait and see which way he goes next.

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