AUDIO: Law/Less – “Doomsday”

Milwaukee punk outfit Law/Less first burst onto the local music scene in 2017 with a demo that was nothing short of very impressive. That drew the attention of Foreign Legion Records, who planned to put out the band’s first LP, “Doomsday”. Unfortunately, the label was strapped with financial issues, and had to cancel the release before pressing, but the band is persisting on, releasing the album online today. “Doomsday” is an elaboration on the band’s initial demo, with a brash, strong introduction to the world. Led by frontwoman Bonnie Chandek, the band takes a commanding presence on this record, giving you eight tracks of full speed ahead punk. There’s no pretense involved, just solid rock n’ roll that will make you want to thrash along. Check out “Doomsday” below:

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