AUDIO: Phylums – “Phylums ii”

The interesting thing about psych rock is that it is a very catch-all term for anything that sounds a little more alternative than alternative rock. It’s music that can be simple and minimal, or technical and intricate. In the case of the latest from Milwaukee band Phylums, “Phylums ii”, we get elements of both the former and the latter. Early on, the ten-track album is pure, simple surf rock. However, as time pass, things get a little more intricate, and the sounds and tones used on the album start to lead towards more true psychedelia. Underlying all of this, though, is a burst of energy. Most songs on the album clock in under or around the three minute mark, with poppy lyrics that don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, and it all works together well. There are also fun breaks, including the horn-laden instrumental trips, “Spell of Seven Colors” and “Canon Of Doom/Daylight”. In many ways, it’s a journey in itself to get from front to back on this release. The album is delightfully weird, but one that you’ll find yourself coming back to often. Check out “Phylums ii” below:

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