VIDEO: Trapper Schoepp – “Freight Train”

Singer/Songwriter Trapper Schoepp is gearing up for the 2019 release of his new album, “Primetime Illusion”, which is set to release via Xtra Mile Recordings in January, but we’re getting a glimpse into the new record today with the release of the video for “Freight Train”. The track is a staple of Trapper’s live set, and you may not know, but is also a cover, originally performed by Double Happiness in 1988. The song, which is about the reality of being afflicted by AIDS and HIV, was passed down to Schoepp, who is including his version on the new record. The video for the track features a studio session, led by Trapper on guitar and Patrick Sansone of Wilco on piano. It’s a strong version of the song, and a good sample of what is to come when “Primetime Illusion” is released on January 25th. Trapper Schoepp has a tour of the UK coming up in March, but you can check him out live at the Back Room at Colectivo on February 2nd before that, and check out the video for “Freight Train” below:

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