AUDIO: Gerald Walker – “People Tell Themselves Anything To Justify Everything”

Few have created their own path that Milwaukee born artist Gerald Walker has over the last decade. The artist has made his way from Milwaukee to Chicago, to New York, to around the world, and continues to evolve his sound, though he was combining hip hop and R&B long before your favorite local artist was doing the same. The latest from Walker is “People Tell Themselves Anything to Justify Everything”, a four-track EP that brings a seemingly reinvigorated Gerald along with it. The first project since 2016’s “Target”, and really the first new music from him save for a pair of singles, it sounds as though Gerald Walker has more confidence than ever with an evolved style that you can hear in his verses. With features from Anoyd and Skyzoo, there is also a more lyrical sound to these tracks, with an emphasis on rapping rather than harmonizing. Gerald Walker is back in full force, and you can hear that on “People Tell Themselves Anything To Justify Everything” below:

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