AUDIO: Absolutely – “Plays Pillory Crown Shyness”

Post-punk outfit Absolutely has been together since 2009, and continue to make noise, even with frontman George Ananchev relocating to Portland. The band is back with a new album, “Plays Pillory Crown Shyness”, and it’s a gripping example of attention to detail working well on a record. Lyrically, much of the record deals with Anachev’s experience as an undocumented person, and while the album was written before the 2016 presidential election, the sentiments that come out on these tracks still reign true today. From a musical perspective, the band gets intricate with simple elements, with curling guitar lines and vocal effects that create sonic space. Absolutely have a really strong release with this body of work, and you’ll likely need to come back to it multiple times to hear everything going on within the record. Check out “Plays Pillory Crown Shyness” below:


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