VIDEO: Genesis Renji Featuring Lucien Parker – “Greenlight”

At this point, it’s pretty much undeniable that the House of Renji has had an incredible run in 2018. That being said, going into the last month of the year, there’s still plenty of content coming out of the House, as we get the video for Genesis Renji’s “Greenlight” featuring Lucien Parker. The laid-back cut comes from Genesis’ “S.I.N.S.: Stories I Never Shared” album, which came out last month. Produced by RoseGold Beats, the guitar-led beat gets accented by Renji’s calm verse and Lucien’s R&B vocals over the top. The video from Mahdi Gransberry is a performance clip that features the pair of House of Renji artists in Marquette MI, where “S.I.N.S.” was recorded with the House creative team. We know the house is still working heading into 2019, but check out the video for “Greenlight” below:

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