AUDIO: Sat. Nite Duets – “Smoke Local Twine”

Sat. Nite Duets are back with a scream, quite literally, as it opens their new EP, “Smoke Local Twine”. Far departed from the bright-guitar driven sound that made up 2016’s “Air Guitar”, opening track “The Golden Twine” is synth-laden, dark, and followed by two tracks that make you feel (and kind of hope) that it’s purely a one-off to troll longtime fans. “Local Idiot” and “Smoke” drift back to the band’s catchier material, though both do have just a tinge of a darker feel than previous work as well. We’ll see if we get a longer project from Sat. Nite Duets in 2019, but for right now, you can check out “Smoke Local Twine” below:

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