VIDEO: Paper Holland – “Sea [Sic]”

Paper Holland’s “Galápagos” is by far one of the standout records of 2018, and the band has not only shown growth on the album, but the patience to put out a project that truly felt right. While the album came out in summer, we have a new video from the band for single “Sea [Sic]” that also shows a bit of patience in creation. Filmed with both snowy and sunny beach scenes by frontman Joe Ludwig, the video carries the dreamy feel of the song, fading and fleeting as smoothly as the saxaphone line that ties the song together. In everything that they’ve done this year, Paper Holland have put quality over quantity, and have definitely been leaps and bounds away from the band that we discovered when debut “Happy Belated” released in 2013. Check out the video for “Sea [Sic]” below:

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