AUDIO: Spaidez Featuring Genesis Renji – “Keefe Avenue Blues”

Few artists truly work to reach all sides of Milwaukee the way that Spaidez does. While steps have definitely been made to connect the different sounds of the city, Spaidez makes a call for unity with Genesis Renji on his new single, “Keefe Avenue Blues”. From namedropping venues like Timbuktu in Riverwest to local legends like Tha D.R.E., Spaidez merely recounts what he’s already done to appeal to the whole city that many rappers locally aren’t doing. Genesis takes things from a different perspective, discussing his route to where he’s at in terms of success locally, and beyond that. It’s an interesting track that makes a claim for Milwaukee to stop any division that might be present within the course of local hip hop. Check out “Keefe Avenue Blues” below:


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