AUDIO: Abby Jeanne – “Music Box Dancer”

In the middle of an already big summer, Abby Jeanne continued her momentum on Sunday with a new single, “Music Box Dancer”. With a lo-fi filter over her voice and pop-friendly clap accents, the song feels like the updated version of vinyl singles from the 50’s and 60’s, with songwriting and catchy melodies taking precedence. Opting not to go with big percussion also gives the song a more intimate feel, and allows room for Jeanne’s voice and a more-subtle-than-most guitar solo to breathe. In many ways, the song is a departure from the live presence that Abby Jeanne commands, but is also a necessary expansion of her range. There’s likely much more on the way from Abby Jeanne this year, so be on the lookout, and check out “Music Box Dancer” below:

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