VIDEO: Fushi – “Anti-Social” (Premiere)

Arthaus Bando leader and Milwaukee emcee Fushi is known for the unconventional, and he brings that to the fore in his new collaboration with Spacecrime, “Anti-Social”. The single moves out of the realm of hip hop, into a more avant-garde space that allows Fushi room to breathe on the track. While the framework of a contemporary hip hop track is there, he flips convention on its head with an auto-tuner pitched up to deliver a hook that will catch you singing it when you least expect it. Visually, Fushi has elevated his game as well, again maintaining the same framework of what we’ve seen in previous clips, but moving beyond that into different territory creatively through the use of green screens and various effects that hadn’t been utilized before. Check out the premiere of “Anti-Social” below:

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