AUDIO: Will In The Sky – “Ghostinthehallway / Ends”

In a content-over-everything world, Will In The Sky is making the most of the situation, dropping music frequently on Soundcloud. One of the more recent drops from Will is “Ghostinthehallway / Ends”, a two-part track that experiments with the boundaries of hip hop. With trap production from Kimj and Marshvall, the pair of tracks melded into one gets progressively more unique as it moves on. The first half of the track is the more commercially viable portion of the song, with an autotuned hook getting stuck in your head. The second portion, “Ends”, is a zoned out trip-on-the-track, with Will seemingly melting down on the microphone. There’s likely much more from Will In The Sky on the way, but for now, check out this two-for-one track below:



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