AUDIO: Fushi Featuring Sozzyland – “l3m0ny3ll0w”

Arthaus Bando has firmly established themselves in their own lane. If you had questions about that, the latest from Fushi, “l3m0ny3ll0w”, is proof. The track is a hip hop/electronica mashup, featuring Sozzyland, and produced by Big Beat MKE participant Hot Science. With a synth-heavy beat, the song would serve fine on it’s own as a completely different track, but the addition of Fushi and Sozzyland’s unique vocal stylings put this into a genre all on its own. This type of experimentation feels similar to when PC Music first emerged from the depths of the internet as a legitimate music label, and it wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest if Arthaus Bando picked up its own cult following online with tracks like this. Check out “L3m0ny3ll0w” below:


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