AUDIO: Paper Holland – “Galápagos”

It’s been a few years since we’ve gotten new material from Paper Holland, but their new record, “Galápagos”, is definitely among one of the most anticipated releases of the year so far. The band’s infectious brand of indie pop really came into the light on their 2016 release, “Fast Food”, and the new album expands upon that, delving towards slightly more experimental territories, with a bevvy of playful trumpet lines and flanged guitars. It’s fitting that the album is named for an island in the Pacific Ocean, as many of the songs have the feel of a leisurely vacation on a tropical island. It’s clear that the two years between releases were a growth period for Paper Holland, and the fruits of that labor are plentiful. You can celebrate the release of “Galápagos” on Friday night at Anodyne Coffee in Walker’s Point with Paper Holland, Klassik, Jaill, and Mark Waldoch, but you can stream it in advance below:

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