AUDIO: Tigernite – “Sublunary”

It’s a big day, Tiger Knights. Milwaukee glam rockers Tigernite are back with their second full length album, “Sublunary”. The band has put out plenty of work since their 2015 debut, but today we get nine new tracks from the band, including singles “Sunnies” and “Ray Gun Queen”. With an abundance of ripping guitar lines and frontwoman Molly Roberts’ theatrical vocals, the album has the feel of classic rock albums of a previous era, but doesn’t feel the slightest bit dated. Tigernite have crafted their sound on a lack of pretense; it doesn’t take much to shred some straight up rock n’ roll, but it does take a lot of skill to do it well in the contemporary music landscape. Simply put, “Sublunary” nails the criteria to be a great rock record in 2018. You can check the record, as well as a brand new video for “Summerland” out for yourself below:


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