AUDIO: Fushi – “Cr1m50n Chry54n7h3mum”

Sometimes, if you blink, you miss an eternity’s worth of music in Milwaukee. Case in point, the Arthaus Bando crew, with a propensity to put out music like it’s nobody’s business. The latest from Bando member Fushi (fka Deth) is “Cr1m50n Chry54N7h3mum”, a hypnotic escape from traditional hip hop. The track is produced by current Big Beat MKE quarterfinalist Hot Science, and features some of the ping ponging, spastic production elements that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from the electronica act. Fushi adds his own unique delivery with a hybrid of rap bars and auto-tuned backing vocals. It’s an amalgamation of sounds that comes together somehow, but is presented in a way that if they hadn’t truly meshed, it wouldn’t have been jarring, either. We’ll see where Arthaus Bando takes things next, but for right now, enjoy their own little niche with “Cr1m50n Chry54n7h3mum” below:

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