AUDIO: Behind The Weekend – “Delicious Citrus”

Originality is hard to come by these days, but Milwaukee indie rockers Behind The Weekend aren’t afraid to get weird on their newest EP, “Delicious Citrus”. With bending bass lines, and changing tempos, tones, and attitudes within their songs, the project has an experimental feel that doesn’t shy away from going in a different direction than most. There are times where the unconventional feels refreshing, and this is one of them. The band can also be a straight up rock band when they want to, but don’t necessarily feel the need to conform to any sort of formula or structure in their songs. There aren’t many times that alternative music feels truly alternative, but this is one of those times in the best way. Behind The Weekend has more music on the way, but “Delicious Citrus” is the introduction that you’ll need before they elaborate further in the form of a full length album. Check out the EP below:

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