AUDIO: How Bout No – “Mad”

Many people don’t know this, but Milwaukee’s pop punk scene is reaching early 2000s levels of perfection, as more and more quality bands are emerging. One listen to How Bout No’s second EP, “Mad”, and you’ll quickly realize that the band is the latest in a series of quality young bands coming out of the city. The project is produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low, and you can definitely hear that influence in the way that the four tracks are layered. There’s a plethora of pop punk staples, including gang vocals, filtered vocals, and lyrics ready for your Myspace headlines (that’s a dated reference now), but How Bout No find a way to execute on the things we’ve come to expect from genre with ease. It’s definitely more power than pop, and the band shows a lot of promise for the years to come. Check out “Mad” below:

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