AUDIO: Mouse Corn – “Mouse Corn Vs. The World”

Mouse Corn teaches a master class in lo-fi indie on their new album, “Mouse Corn vs. The World”, which is out now via Midwest Action.  The band, led by Myles Coyne, finds a way to take gritty, fuzzy guitars and combine them with bright, clean vocals in a way that feels fresh. A plethora of influences seem to make appearances within the sound, with tracks that fans of Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, or even Death Cab For Cutie could be fond of. With only one track topping out just above four minutes, the band has a very punk rock energy to their sound, but regardless of what sub-genre of indie rock you’d want to throw Mouse Corn into, there seems to be at least one track on this release that makes you second guess that categorization. The nine track album is available on a limited edition cassette tape, but you can stream the release below:

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